Parent Resources

We know it's important for teachers to partner with parents as we teach our children about God. Below we have provided resources to help you strategically pass down your faith to your child. Each age includes a video, a kickstarter to start Biblical family discussion time, a parent's guide, and development guide to help you nurture your child's faith as they grow. To see all the age specific resources that are available BE SURE to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see each age group, Birth-5th grade.

Additional resources for grades 6-12 can be found here.

This Month's Focus


Preschool - When I’m Frustrated With My Child

Parenting is hard no matter how well-behaved or easy your kids are. And there are times when you want to throw in the towel, lock yourself in the bathroom, or go to the mall or golf course and pretend you don’t even know those little stinkers exist. But it never takes long for those feelings to go away does it? Especially when you hear, “Mommy, I just love you so much.” Or “Daddy, I need you to kiss me goodnight.”

Most of the time our frustration as parents stems from our lack of trust in ourselves—we don’t think we’re getting things right or are afraid our preschooler’s meltdown is a sign that we’re failing as parents. Not true! Preschoolers are a unique and wonderful species all their own. So relax, take a deep breath, keep on praying.


Elementary School - Embracing the Power of schedule

Being a kid is such a wild experience, and it’s an experience we all get one time on our life. Think back for a minute to your favorite parts of being a kid. It could be time with friends in a neighborhood. It could be memories with your grandparents. It could be adventures with your parents on yearly vacations. The common link is that the times we remember often come from unexpected places on holidays or weekends. They surprise us and stick with us.

The rest of childhood is a maze of figuring out how day-to-day life works. What our kids don’t know is that the parents are trying to figure things out also. As our kids move from grade to grade many parents forget the power of a simple idea that helps kids thrive. That tool parents forget about is the simple schedule. In this online parenting class we are going talk about how we can embrace the power of schedule.


Birth Through Fifth Grade Parent Resources


Birth - Invitation to Peace

In this Family Experience parents will discover a time of peace with their newborn. The first year with a baby is all about routine, and this Family Experience will equip Parents to build peaceful moments into that routine.


One Year Old - Birthday Blessing

This Family Experience helps parents throw the best 1st year birthday party for their child where they’ll share with friends and family a written “Birthday Blessing”. This “Birthday Blessing” will be a treasure that helps the Parents outline their prayers and dreams for their child.


Two Years Old - Invitation to Prayer

Now that their child is speaking, Parents can take the time to teach them what it means to speak with God. We want to help parents process what type of person they want their child to be, then build a simple prayer around one of those traits that the parent and child can begin praying together


Three Years Old - Big Kid Bed

Moving from the crib to a big kid bed is a big step. This Family Experience guides parents through a big kid bed ceremony where parents write a verse/prayer on the big kid bed and friends/family gather to read scripture/pray over the bed.


Four Years Old - Invitation to Independence

This Family Experience will help parents set their child up to enter kindergarten with independence. It will give parents some steps to ensure their child is as prepared as possible.

Kindergarten - Generosity

Children in kindergarten are fairly self sufficient. They are beginning the phase of independence. Whether your child is at half-day or all-day kindergarten or is home-schooled, they are going to be spending some amount of time away from you for the first time. This can be both scary and exciting for parents. Rest assured--your child is ready for this change.


First Grade - Responsibility

1st graders are stepping into their “Big Kid” years. There can be me insecurity for children during this transition. This year kids are spending a good deal of their time away from you, which can be a little scary for everyone involved. However, they are developmentally ready for this shift toward independence.


Second Grade - Engage the Bible

The biggest developmental jump in the life of a 2nd grader is in the area of social development. Kids are beginning to develop significant friendships and recognize the needs and feelings of others. Another big milestone is in the area of reading. This year children will read more independently than they have in any of the previous years.

Third Grade - Rhythm

This is the year that children begin to see clear differences between themselves and others, which can lead children to suppress their individuality. We need to help children see that they are uniquely made. This is the year that children’s interests in multiple areas can peak, leading to increased chaos in scheduling.


Fourth Grade - Friends

The biggest change in development for 4th graders is the change in friendships. All of a sudden, they care what others think of them and want to fit in. Your child probably has at least one very close friend this year that they enjoy spending time with.


Fifth Grade - Identity

Fifth graders still want your encouragement, but they will rarely ask for it. This is the year that teasing and gossiping take center stage, and with your child’s desire to “fit in,” it can lead to a compromise of values. These big shifts make it even more important for you to help your child see how they are designed differently, on purpose.