The Christmas Dilemma - Sundays in December

Traditional service at 9:00 am. Contemporary service at 10:30 am.


The Story

Nobody expected the arrival of a baby to shake up their lives. But when that baby is Jesus, plans are rearranged, beliefs are challenged, and ordinary people find their lives forever changed. This series brings these Biblical figures to life as they share their dilemmas surrounding the birth of the Savior. Through this series, we remember that when Jesus enters the picture, our plans can get turned upside down, but His plan leads to joy, hope, and salvation.

The Characters


The Dilemma of Doubt - Joseph talks to God about his doubts and fears to be the father of a King. He questions God's plan for his life, but ultimately surrenders to God's will.


The Dilemma of Saying Yes - Mary holds her new baby in her arms as she tries to explain to Jesus the seemingly impossible journey that brought them to that point, and the unimaginable future that lay ahead of Him.

The Innkeeper

The Dilemma of Belief - In this monologue for the Christmas season, the Innkeeper recounts the night Joseph and Mary came to him for a room. He realizes that somewhere along the way, he lost hope. But that night, the Messiah arrived, bringing hope to the world.

The Shepherd

The Joy Dilemma - This Christmas monologue introduces the shepherd just after he's been visited by the angel who announced the Messiah. His joy and excitement are bubbling over as he realizes what it means for the world (and for him).

The Wiseman

The Dilemma of Obedience - This Christmas monologue features the Wiseman as he wrestles with obeying a dream that told him not to return to King Herod, and the challenge it may be for him to follow the King of the Jews.

Christmas Events