Sermon Recordings


The Christmas Dilemma

Nobody expected the arrival of a baby to shake up their lives. But when that baby is Jesus, plans are rearranged, beliefs are challenged, and ordinary people find their lives forever changed. This series brings these Biblical figures to life as they share their dilemmas surrounding the birth of the Savior. Through this series, we remember that when Jesus enters the picture, our plans can get turned upside down, but His plan leads to joy, hope, and salvation.


People You Need in Your Life

It’s a key building block to living a healthy life and having a healthy church…relationships! But let’s face it. There are people we love having in our lives…the encouragers, mentors, and friends.  Yet, there are others we wish would go away, like the antagonists, losers, and critics. But is it possible that we need ALL types of individuals in our lives? Expect to be surprised during this series, “People You Need in Your Life.”


Guest speakers

Hear messages from special guest speakers. Latest message: November 25.


Songs of the summer

It’s summer time! Whether that means heading to the beach, sinking your teeth into BBQ, relaxing by the pool or watching America’s favorite pastime, we’ve got the songs for you.  But these songs don’t come from the “Top 40” chart; they come from the Bible. Taken from the most widely read and highly treasured book of the Bible, Psalms, these songs give stability in chaos, patience in uncertainty, comfort in  loss and more!  

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In this series, Pastor Chuck explores common myths that can ruin your faith. Myths like "I have to be perfect" or all roads lead to God" or more faith means more results".

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Hope When  It Hurts

Pastor Chuck helps us see how we can have hope even when we're hurting.