Parent Resources - Sixth Grade through High School

As your child continues to mature, we want to provide you with tools to help them grow their faith. Below we have provided resources to help you strategically pass down your faith to your child. Each grade level includes a video, a kickstarter to start Biblical family discussion time, a parent's guide, and development guide to help you guide your child's faith as they enter junior high and high school.

Resources for birth through fifth grade can be found here.


Sixth Grade - Preparation For Adolescence

The 6th Grade Year is an exciting year filled with the transition from childhood to adolescence. Here is a guide to help give you a glimpse of what might be going on inside your brand new 6th grader.


Seventh Grade - The Blessing

The 7th grade year is the “Wonder Year,” where your brand new teenager begins to try on identities and discover who they are going to be. This guide will give you a map into the body, mind, and soul of your 7th grader.


Eighth Grade - Purity Weekend

The 8th grader says “goodbye” to puberty issues and “hello” to the quest for freedom from parents and “kiddie” things. Major changes occur during this year as the teen transitions into the middle of the adolescent journey. Here is a look at what is going on with your 8th grader.


Freshman - Driving Contract

The 9th grade year signals the beginning of the high school experience and the last stage of the adolescent journey. This is a look into the world of your 9th grader.


Sophomore - Money Matters

The 10th grader can drive a car, work a job, and is getting dangerously close to adulthood. Here is a look at what is going on inside the mind and heart of your 10th grader.


Junior - Family Tree

By the time your teenager reaches the 11th grade year, they are living like a mini-adult. But they still need your guidance. To help you with that, here is a look at what is happening in the world of your 11th grader.


Senior - Manhood/Womanhood Ceremony

Congratulations! You have a 12th grader! It is time to finish strong in the adolescent journey. In order to do that, let’s take a look inside the mind and heart of your 12th grader.