We are a multi-generational, biblically-based church, reaching and equipping people to live missional, Christ-centered lives in Christian community.


Worship - To connect with God

Grow - To connect with Christ in us and other Christ-followers

Serve - To Connect with our community and our world

Our Beliefs

At First Baptist, we focus on the major doctrines, while avoiding malicious debates over secondary matters of our faith. The following are a brief list of some of the “biggies!”

  • Bible: The Bible is not merely a piece of literature. It’s so much more! It’s God’s inspired and authoritative Word that guides everything, from what we believe and think to how God calls us to live.
  • Humanity: Peruse the Internet! Read the papers! It’s obvious that we have messed up…big time! We call it sin. While God created each of us in His image and desires us to have a personal relationship with Him, we blew it. We have a natural bent that goes against God.
  • Salvation: There’s no way we can reconnect with God on our own. Regardless of our efforts, we come up short…every time! Our only hope is through what Jesus accomplished when he came to earth, experienced the cross and resurrected from the dead…for us! It’s called grace! It’s the radical life changing message that makes no sense from a human perspective…that’s why it’s called grace!
  • God: There’s only one God! He’s the God revealed in the person of Jesus, who came as God in human flesh. Enough said!
  • Jesus: It’s the Christmas story! Born of a virgin, he lived a perfect life during which he was crucified on a bumped up charge that was aimed at keeping him quiet forever. It didn’t work. He resurrected from the dead and today sits in heaven. And get this…he’s coming back! When? We have no idea…but we know it will happen.
  • Holy Spirit: When we enter a relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit enters our life and does some amazing things. He teaches spiritual truths we didn’t previously understand. He confronts us when we’re heading down the wrong path. He comforts us when life feels miserable. He gifts us with abilities to serve others. He’s a great friend!
  • Communion & Baptism: They’re important practices. Communion reminds us of the greatest gift ever given…the death of Jesus. Baptism reminds us that our past is dead and our future is new! (Immersion is not required for membership…a little unusual for Baptists, we know!)